Importance of Mobile friendly website


Simply put, mobile optimization is the act of making sure that users of mobile devices who access your website have a positive user experience. To make sure that you are not unintentionally repelling mobile users, the optimization procedure essentially has to do with the website’s design, structure, page speed, and other factors.

It goes without saying that mobile will remain popular. Therefore, it’s crucial that companies build their websites with mobile users in mind. They must understand the value of a responsive website.

The strongest arguments for the necessity of designing mobile-friendly websites are provided in the following list:

No longer an exception, smartphone users:

1.2 billion people are using mobile devices to access the internet, according to a research. In addition, 80% of internet users access the web through cellphones. Clearly, if they’re online, they’re probably on their phones. Furthermore, it is anticipated that these statistics will rise in the next years.

Mobile users make about 50% of all web traffic:

According to studies, mobile devices account for more than half of all web traffic. Users of mobile devices frequently behave differently. Mobile consumers tend to consume an amazingly large volume of visual media while having restricted bandwidth. A mobile-optimized design is necessary to capture this traffic and make the most of the ability of these media kinds to draw people.

Google rewards websites that prioritise mobile optimization:

It imposed severe penalties on webpages that aren’t mobile-friendly. Unexpectedly, the modification caused some controversy, though it had a far smaller impact on mobile-friendly pages. Google has therefore prioritised mobile friendliness in its SERP results.

Spending patterns of mobile users differ from those of desktop users:

In actuality, mobile users want to make quick, inexpensive purchases. Therefore, mobile users are the ideal market for an offer if an e-commerce company is trying to sell something for less than $10.

The majority of mobile internet usage is for social purposes:

Social media is constantly changing and expanding. Therefore, there is a chance that inbound visitors to your site will be coming from mobile devices if your company engages in any kind of social media marketing. Utilize your social media followers by using a mobile-friendly website.

Are you making use of mobile optimization or are you still holding out for a few more thousand mobile users to leave?